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bathroom mirror

We can fabricate and install any size mirror to fit tight in any opening with any out of square condition.

We can drill or notch mirrors to accept electrical outlets or lighting fixtures.

We can bevel your mirror to any specifications.

mirror mastic layout

We most often use the mastic and tape method. This method of mirror fixing is best used where walls are straight or have little bow. Bowing of mirrors will result in distortion in the images reflected. Using a backing board and/or a top and bottom channel can help overcome uneven walls and mirror bowing.

With this type of installation method, the adhesive is used to bond the mirror permanently to the wall. The tape is used to hold the mirror to the wall while the adhesive cures. The double sided tape is also used to compensate for any deflections in the mirror.

Whenever you are fixing a mirror to a wall, a major objective is to minimize the build up of condensation or moisture which causes corrosion. We achieve this by running the tape vertically or at parallel diagonals with the mastic applied in between. This lessens the build up of moisture and provides a small gap for air circulation. The locations and distances between the mastic and the tape also lessen the likelihood of injury in the event of breakage.

The substrate surface (wall surface) for bonding should be sealed and have no defects. It should be clean, dry and free from dust and grease film. Under no circumstances should the mirror be mounted directly to untreated surfaces such as besser block walls, unpainted plaster, plywood etc., as chemicals released by these surfaces can affect adhesion and corrode the mirror. You should also avoid painted surfaces containing teflon as double sided tape may not adhere.

In wet areas such as spas and indoor pools etc., it is recommended that fully framed mirrors be used.

mirror installations

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